Wooden Garden Pool Prices

m² Fiyatı: 2.000.00
The timber to be used is imported pine and will be as follows according to TS 1264. Timber can also be found in spot knots. In the place where the knots are the most, there can be solid knots with a diameter not exceeding 4 cm within 1 cm. Rotten, crippled, partially fused and fallen knots are not found in the timber. There are no ring cracks or large crevices. Lift bend does not exceed ½ part. There are no resin sacs, inner shells, rots, cavities, insect holes, irrigation and manufacturing defects. There is no corrugation, bending, twisting and bending of the blade in the timber. Wooden surfaces will be sanded with zero sanding and the timber will be wiped and chamfered on all four sides.


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Pine wood material is warm, makes you want to swim in your pool and satisfies your eyes by perfectly adapting to the natural structure of your garden.

Wood is a healthy and durable material. The wood and pine material we use in our pools has been produced in accordance with environmental norms and has been impregnated in order to increase its outdoor durability.


High quality domestic pine – impregnated (outdoor warranty: 10 years)

Body carrier beams, stainless steel

Pine material thickness: 45 mm

Single row surround cladding


High quality Liner inner coating

Liner thickness 50/100, blue color.

Liner warranty: 2 years

Special production insulation floor carpet under the liner.


MTI filter-pump assembly

Sand Filter (Iv resistant)

Filter Sand

Pump (with pre-filter)

1 pcs Skimmer

1 refill unit

stainless steel valves

Semi-flexible connecting hoses


Internal ladder: 3 steps inox.

External staircase: wooden with 4 steps.


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